The Collaborative.

The world is changing and so is the way we navigate our legal issues.

While the traditional court process may be necessary for some, there are many systemic roadblocks to ensuring timely access to justice. These include limited judicial resources, client budgetary constraints (the court process is expensive!) and the emotional costs of navigating a high-conflict system.

Add to this the risk factor of leaving your fate in the hands of one stranger, on one day, with one disposition, hearing one version of your life.

You are so much more than one impression. You are multi-faceted. You find creative ways to solve problems every day. The problems you are facing, you yourself can fix.

We can help.

Are you separating and not sure where to start? We are a group of resolution-focused lawyers aimed at guiding you to your new normal.

How does Collaborative Law differ from the traditional court process?

In collaborative law, each party has their own lawyer to protect their interests and advise them with respect to their own rights and responsibilities under a proposed settlement. This often takes the form of a contract, such as a Separation Agreement or Domestic Contract. Your former partner will be represented by a lawyer from a separate firm to ensure you are receiving impartial, unbiased advice, while working to develop the best resolution tailored to you and your family’s needs.

The court process – while necessary in some extreme, high-conflict cases – has done so much damage. You are still a family, even after you separate or divorce. Your interests don’t have to be opposite. The primary winners in litigation are the lawyers getting paid, rather than the clients who are left to pick up the pieces. We can help you see the big picture and assist in mapping the way forward.

Our Partners.

We’ve teamed up with partners who have a shared vision in helping you on your path forward.