Fee Structure

Generally, your file will be billed based on the time we spend on it. This means the higher the level of conflict and the more complex the issues, the higher the bill.

All fees are subject to tax and disbursements. Disbursements are the expenses we incur to service your file, and can include costs such as filing fees, photocopying, postage, and local travel.

Our lawyers will bill your files at the following hourly rates:

  • Amanda: $300.00 per hour

We also have fantastic support staff who help to draft documents and prepare correspondence in an effort to manage the cost of your file. Their time is billed at a rate of $110.00 per hour.

Notwithstanding our regular hourly rates, we are pleased to offer the following services at a flat rate:

Family Services

Joint Petition for Divorce / Uncontested Petition for Divorce

$2,000.00 + tax and disbursements

This is a great option for parties who already have a Separation Agreement, Domestic Contract, and/or have agreed to all their terms of divorce. We’ll take care of the rest.

Drafting of Separation Agreements

$1,725.00 + tax and disbursements

This is a service for parties who are in agreement with respect to all aspects of their separation, including a parenting plan (formerly “custody and access”), child and spousal support, and the division of assets and debts. We will draft the agreement at the instruction of one client, provide legal advice on its contents and take your signature. Your former spouse will require Independent Legal Advice from a lawyer from another firm at a cost to be determined by that firm. This service does not include negotiating the terms of the agreement.

Uncontested Adoption

$2,000.00 + tax and disbursements

This service is available where both biological parents consent to the adoption of their child. In the case of a child aged 12 and over, the child’s consent is also required.

Independent Legal Advice

$300.00 + tax

This service includes one meeting to review a Separation Agreement or Domestic Contract, provide legal advice on its contents, and take your signature on it. If further negotiations are required or we recommend changes to the agreement before signing, we may charge an additional hourly rate.

Family Appeal Merit Reviews

$3,000.00 + tax for trials confined to 2 days or less
$5,000.00 + tax for trials spanning 3-5 days
$8,000.00 + tax for trials spanning 6-10 days

This service involves the review of a Court of Queen’s Bench – Family Division trial decision, identification of potential grounds of appeal, an assessment of the merits of the grounds identified, and a cost/benefit analysis associated with proceeding with an appeal.

Wills & Estates

Last Will & Testament (single)
$300.00 + tax
Last Will & Testament (mirrored for a couple)
$500.00 + tax
Power of Attorney (single)
$300.00 + tax
Power of Attorney (mirrored for a couple)
$400.00 + tax
Last Will & Testament + Power of Attorney (single)
$500.00 + tax
Last Will & Testament + Power of Attorney (mirrored for a couple)
$800.00 + tax