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Teresa Hamilton

A paralegal is not a lawyer but a person who is trained in legal matters. They quite often perform routine tasks that require a robust knowledge of the law and its procedures, however all of their work is performed under the guidance of a lawyer. A paralegal is not allowed to offer any legal advice or services directly to the client.

We would like to introduce to you our paralegal, Teresa Hamilton. Teresa has over 15 years of experience in the legal profession in New Brunswick and Manitoba. She assists in all aspects of file management; including drafting documents, preparing applications and motions, gathering and compiling material, instructing and communicating with our clients. Teresa is also a Commissioner of Oaths.

Outside of work, Teresa enjoys spending time with her husband, a Chief Warrant Officer currently stationed at CFB Gagetown. Their three children are now adults but spent the majority of their childhoods in Manitoba while Teresa's husband was employed with both CFB Winnipeg and CFB Shilo. Through her experiences as a military wife, Teresa has gained many unique qualities, enabling her to assist her lawyer and increase the scope of services that McCordic Law & Mediation provides. Teresa is able to answer important day-to-day questions regarding your file and manage files cost-effectively. She is highly motivated and passionate about the law.