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Our firm is dedicated to the practice of family separation and divorce, child custody, spousal support, property division and other related topics.

Family separation and strife is difficult but our committed lawyers and staff are prepared and willing to help you through the emotional rollercoaster and difficult decisions. We understand that things can get confusing and there is more involved in each individual case than what is simply on a piece of paper. We want you to feel comfortable with your choices. With our guidance, we will help you make the most informed decision and present all available options.

Assisted Reproductive Law

Sometimes, love is not enough to start a family. Whether it is infertility, biological incompatibility, sexual orientation or a medical condition, nature has its ways to refrain the kindest loving “wannabe parents” to procreate and adoption is not always the most appropriate or preferred option. Thankfully, in today’s age, it is possible to overcome these issues with assisted reproduction techniques.

Whether you are seeking a gamete donation, need the help of a surrogate mother, or want to help a friend or relative by donating your gametes or be a surrogate, we can help you understand and prepare for the legal challenges associated with assisted reproduction techniques so you can focus on yourself and your family.

Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is a document that sets out your wishes for how you would like your property to be distributed upon your death. It can also cover particulars like guardianship of minor child(ren), instructions for pets and special bequests. In the document, you will assign an Executor/Executrix, who will be responsible for administering your Estate until its final distribution. We will help guide you through the process of crafting a legally binding document that will eliminate any uncertainties on how your Estate will be handled and present peace of mind for you during your lifetime.

If you would like to do up a Last Will and Testament (and/or a Power of Attorney) but have mobility issues and live in the Hanwell/Charters Settlement area, our lawyers are willing to meet with you at your home. Please contact our office to make arrangements.

Committee of the Person

When people become incapable of taking the decisions regarding their health and managing their affairs, they need someone to do it for them. Life happens and often time people are not ready for these incapacities. When there is no valid power of attorney in place, the Court needs to appoint someone to manage the financial affairs and/or personal care of the incapable person. We can help you prepare all the necessary documents to apply to the Court for a Committee of the Person and represent you in court so you can focus on caring for your relative.

Power of Attorney

In the event of medical illness or prolonged absences from home, be they planned or unexpected, or a part of a degenerative disease or condition, a Power of Attorney allows you to decide who will make critical decisions regarding your health and property. Without a Power of Attorney, your loves ones will face difficult legal processes, that often take considerable time and money, to be able to manage your affairs when you can not.

Residential Real Estate

We at McCordic Law & Mediation recommend that when you are buying or selling a property, you consult with a lawyer prior to signing any documentation. We can help you review any agreement(s), as once signed, they become legally binding. These types of transactions can be quite complicated due to the property rights being transferred, money being exchanged and federal and provincial legislation governing the contract. Therefore, allow us to lead you through your responsibilities and obligations towards any purchase/sale you wish to enter into.


The process of mediation is where a third neutral party assists and helps disputing parties in resolving conflicts using various techniques. Ms. McCordic will act as a mediator and not a lawyer for either party during the process. Once an agreement has been reached, each party will be required to secure independent legal advice. We have a large boardroom on site that we use during mediation and this can be booked through our receptionist. We offer a private and confidential location where you can negotiate in peace and focus on the aim of settling the dispute, and moving the families forward into their new reality.