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Self Representation (Per Se Package)
Basic Child Support, Custody, and Access

While it is always preferable for individuals to have experienced legal counsel representing their interest, we understand that not everyone can afford legal representation and most do not qualify for Legal Aid Services.

Here at McCordic Law & Mediation, we recognize how intimidating the formal Court process can be, and we are prepared to assist with the preparation of documents, logistics, and providing direction on what is relevant to the Court, in the form of talking points.

Our Per Se package, offers some assistance and direction navigation the Court system.

Fee: $1,240.00 plus taxes (includes photocopying) = $1,426.00

Please note that this service is not recommended for complex custody, access or child support issues and payment arrangements can be discussed upon request.

You Will:

  1. Provide our firm with the requested information before your first meeting.
  2. Submit any documents to the Court for filing.
  3. Serve any Court documents upon the opposing party (our firm is prepared to do this but there will be an additional fee).
  4. Provide financial information, if applicable.

Required Financial Information (if applicable):

  1. Copy of Income Tax Returns OR Notices of Assessment for the last 3 years.
  2. Copy of proof of current income (pay stubs).
  3. Receipts for tutoring, daycare, medical/dental dues, etc…but only if you are seeking contribution of these costs from the opposing party.

We Will:

  1. Lawyer will conduct a 1st meeting (maximum 1 hour) with the client to obtain further information and answer questions.<
  2. Prepare documents for filing with the Court.  This will include; Notice of Application, Notice of Motion, single Affidavit and Financial Statement.
  3. Swear all Court documents, where required.
  4. Provide sufficient copies required for the Court and service.
  5. Provide client with straight forward instructions on how to serve filed documents and we will prepare the Affidavit of Service.
  6. Prepare Record on Motion for the first Motion hearing.
  7. Right before Motion hearing, lawyer will conduct a 2nd and final meeting (maximum 45 minutes) with the client to provide talking points which will be prepared in advance.  Client will be provided with a printed copy of the talking points.
  8. If financial information is provided from the other party, we can provide divorce mate calculations, if applicable.

We Will Not:

  1. Go on record for the client.
  2. Attend any Court hearings.
  3. Answer/conduct lengthy phone or email communications.
  4. Engage in negotiations with opposing party or counsel for opposing party.